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Alexander Pineda

Ever since we were kids, we had a passion for Herpetology (the study of reptiles and amphibians). As far back as we can remember, reptiles fascinated us. I remember selling candies and bubble gum in school so I can save money to buy my first pet snake. She was a black and white banded desert phase California Kingsnake. I read books, took courses, became part of the herpetological society, and spent most of my hobby time invested in reptiles. Throughout the years, we wanted to own some beautiful snakes but found the prices to be very high and unaffordable.  One of my goals is to make it easier and more affordable for others to pursue that dream.

Who we Are

We specialize in producing limited, high-quality colubrid morphs, at competitive market prices. We believe in supporting pet owners in the reptile community by making available designer snakes at unbeatable prices. Many snake lovers have always desired to own a snake with great aesthetics to show off, just like any pet lover would, but have never been able to afford one.

We have placed so many quality snakes in the hands of pet owners, leaving an imprint in their hearts for a snake they could have only dreamed of owning one day. A great part of our vision has been to educate first-time snake owners about adopting a pet that would be with them for years to come. We seek to help beginners in the reptile community understand, that this opportunity we give them, to obtain the snake of their dreams, must come with great responsibility and high integrity. Follow-ups are very important to us.

We love to build rapport with our customers. It’s beautiful to see and hear about a pet’s growth alongside its owner. We strive to produce quality genetics in our colubrids and are currently working hard to create our very own, superhero-themed lines.

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Join the network, be mentored and trained to become one of our apprentice breeders, partner with us, have us list you on our page, donate and support our rescue missions, travel with us, become part of the team, or join our educational showings.


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Alexander Pineda

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